What is the importance of specific protein analyzer to our life?

What is the importance of specific protein analyzer to our life?

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As an acute phase protein, CRP increases rapidly in a few hours after acute inflammation, tissue injury, myocardial infarction, surgical trauma, radiation injury and so on. CRP can be used in the differential diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections: once inflammation occurs, the level of CRP is increased, while CRP in viral infection is mostly normal. The detection of CRP requires our specific protein analyzer, so what is the importance of specific protein analyzer to our life?

The pa8800 specific protein analyzer produced by pram Medical Co., Ltd. adopts international advanced technology, which is suitable for multiple departments. Special protein analyzer is suitable for physical examination center, emergency department, outpatient department, ICU, pediatrics, laboratory, Immunology Department, infectious disease department and other departments.



Characteristics of pa8800 specific protein analyzer:

1. The international advanced three-dimensional double scattering turbidimetric method is adopted and the results are reliable

2. Six samples can be determined simultaneously

3. Rapid detection of whole blood (3ul)

4. It can store 5000 samples without dilution, calibration and control

5. Intelligent modular design, graphical 5-inch color touch screen, very simple operation

6. It can be detected anytime and anywhere, and the results can be produced in 90 seconds, which can meet the clinical needs quickly

7. Through RS232 interface, it can be connected with computer

8. Prepackaged reagent saves time and effort

9. Automatic standard correction

10. Built in thermal printing

11. Optional barcode scanner

12. Convenient, efficient and intelligent

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