Disposable Centrifugal Plasma Separator System

A Disposable centrifugal plasma separator system is basically consist of blood collection needle, Tubing set, centrifugal bowl and Plasma container. Other parts like sampler,sampling tube, filter can be designed by the customer.


Product use: 

The plasma collection system consists of a disposable centrifugal plasma separation system and Plasma collection machine, which is suitable for plasma collection and storage. The collected plasma is used for the preparation of blood products and cannot be used for clinical blood transfusion. It should be connected according to the correct use method. The plasma collected by the disposable will be used for the production of blood biological agents, albumin supplement of coagulation factors of patients or massive blood loss. At the same time, it can also be used in therapeutic plasma exchange and component therapy internationally.


Product model: 

FLQ-4J-1 ~ 15; fLQ-1J-1 ~ 8; a total of 23 models, also accept customized samples


Product specification:

 By blood collection needle, centrifugal cup body, blood pipeline, plasma collection container (1000ml bottle or bag)


Applicable population and contraindications:

 Healthy persons (except infants, pregnant women and lactating women)



1.Blood collection needle

2.Tubing system

3.Centrifugal bowl

4.Plasma collection container