【Company Profile】

Shanghai Dahua Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a large-scale development, production and sales of medical equipment in the field of blood transfusion technology in China.

It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating equipment and supporting equipment. The main products are: plasma collection machine, female condom, lubricant,

Disposable centrifugal plasma separator, disposable platelet separator, disposable blood bag, disposable blood

Dialysis circuit, disposable blood collection device for machine, disposable sterile syringe with needle, disposable sterile self-destructive injection

Injector with needle, disposable transfusion set, disposable infusion set, disposable intravenous infusion needle, drainage bag, once

Sexual use plasma collection bag, disposable arterial blood sample collector, disposable plasma collection bottle, multifunctional cell washing instrument,

One-time use of leukocyte filters and other products. In recent years, the company has built a sincere and efficient team based on

"Purpose", with the mission of promoting human health, adhering to the "continuous innovation and shared health as the concept", forming a high-quality management

And technology development team.

With the healthy development of modern biomedicine, the company takes innovation, high efficiency and globalization as its business philosophy to speed up the implementation of industry

Integration and product brand strategy, with a new base of 33333 square meters in the Chongming Industrial Park with international standards; construction

An area of 20,000 ㎡, including 100,000 ㎡ purification workshop, 450 ㎡ of single plasma collection machine manufacturing plant, and green area of 10,000

㎡. The company has about 120 employees, including 36 engineers, senior engineers and other professionals, and has complete facilities

200 square meters of central testing room and blood separator technology laboratory with complete testing instruments

Testing of various items such as academic performance and biological performance to ensure that the quality of the products shipped from the factory meets the national, industry or medical device product registration standards


Introduce the most advanced equipment and instruments in the world. The entire factory is managed by computers for the industrialization of products.

There are nearly 200 production lines and various production equipments, forming an annual production scale of more than 100 million sets of various medical device products.

A set of internationally advanced quality management system has been established.

The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification and German TUV CE certification.

Since the establishment of the company, it has always implemented the principle that science and technology is the first productive force, and has been committed to the development and development of new products, operating

It has created a good technological environment and created a "market-oriented product development pattern, which has formed a series of technical product development

New situation.

Company address: No. 85 Shengshan Road, Chongming Industrial Park, Shanghai

Company telephone: 021-696922188, company fax: 021-696922188-818

Email: shdahua@msn.cn Website: www.dahuachina.com.cn, www.femalecondom.cn